Hi Guys and Girls, my name is Kelly and this is my little piece of the internet, I hope you like my site and all the naughty goings on that go on inside !I come from a pretty posh family, but love to be the rebel ! Love to be naughty and especially when that comes to teasing people... Love playing with my hot girlfriends so come inside to share us all ! Kelly xoxox

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Blue School Girl

I love this naughty schoolgirl outfit, I used to think my school girl uniform was sexy, but this would of turned heads back at my posh school ! I used to love to tease the boys, the girls and yes especially the teachers ! Well you cant beat an older guy can you he he !

Kelly & Stacey Sik World

Me and my Bestie Stacey got to dress up in these cool t-shirts, I got the "i'm a flirt, not a slut" one, I will of course let you be the judge how accurate that is lol ! We also got a giant lollypop which was perfect for showing off our sucking and licking skills wink wink !


I love dressing up for you all, and what better than a cute innocent schoolgirl. Of course as you can all see I am far from innocent, licking and sucking on my lollipop ! I love showing off my firm naked body, hope it makes you all super horny !

Kelly & Alexa Spank Me Academy

Me and another one of my girlfriends Alexa dressed up as naughty schoolgirls from "Spank Me Academy" and as the name suggested we needed a good spanking, alas with no men about we had to do it for ourselves, but hey any excuse to play with Alexa he he !

Pink Basque

Another sexy lingerie outfit for me, this Pink Basque felt so sexy ! With matching stockings to show off my long legs, that go all the way up to my firm little ass ! Damn it makes me so horny thinking that your all looking at me in it !

Kelly & Kyra Tartan Skirts

Yes you caught me, playing with another one of my girlfriends ! Well you cant beat feeling another girls hot body rubbing against ya ! And of course I love to kiss another girl, and I am sure you lot aint going to be complaining lol !

I'm a Flirt, Not A Slut !

Well the t-shirt says I'm a Flirt, not a Slut, but I will have to let you be the judges of that ! The panties are more accurate "HORNY" definitely very horny teasing all you boys and girls, only if you could all be with me right now !

Kelly & Stacey Cream Fight

We had this really fun pink inflatable sofa to play on, then some one (me !) came up with the crazy idea to get some cans of cream, and have a cream fight ! Oh my god, what fun this was, and I got to lick it all off Stacey's body too he he !

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